Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Getting too serious around here

Wall Street Journal | Only in the Star! Demi Moore's Brown Dress Turns White!
There's actress Demi Moore with her young beau, Ashton Kutcher. He's in a white suit. She's wearing a sexy fitted dress -- also white. They appear on the cover of this week's recently renovated Star magazine, which declares: "$1 Million Wedding of the Year!"

At first glance, it's just another day in celebrity journalism, an area that has heated up recently as more magazines go head to head with glossy photos, breathless captions and enticing covers about the stars.

But here's the shocking, scandalous truth: The dress Ms. Moore is wearing on Star's cover isn't really white. It's a deep chocolate brown. ...Mr. Kutcher, by the way, wasn't wearing white that day, either. His suit was pink, thank you very much.

Star's competitors were quick to distance themselves from the color switch. "Fabricating images is one way to lose all readers' trust very quickly," said US Weekly Editor in Chief Janice Min. "I feel very strongly about it."

...The faux-nuptial makeover illustrates how easily editors can use Photoshop and other digital programs to tweak celebrity images in the most competitive sector of the magazine business.

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