Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Let's re-examine "censorship" as practiced in the United States in light of this:
Reuters | Writer Deported for Insulting President
Zambia said Monday it had given a controversial British writer 24 hours to leave the country for insulting President Levy Mwanawasa and calling two of his ministers "baboons."

Home Affairs permanent secretary Peter Mumba said Roy Clarke, a satirical writer for the privately owned daily Post newspaper, was told Monday to leave Zambia Tuesday.

Clarke was not available for comment.

Clarke, who writes a column known as the "The Spectator," referred last Thursday to Mwanawasa as a "foolish elephant" and two of his ministers as "baboons" when Mwanawasa visited a game park for his Christmas holiday.

"Yes, he will be deported to Britain," Mumba told Reuters after being asked to confirm reports of Clarke's deportation.

"We will buy a ticket for him on British Airways because he cannot continue to live with people he thinks are baboons," Mumba said.
Well? Dixie Chicks? Barbra Streisand? Bill Maher? Alec Baldwin? Do any of you have anything to add?

Oh, settle down. I'm not saying they shouldn't say anything. I'm just suggesting that insulting the President of the United States isn't exactly the courageous, high-risk activity they make it sound like. Some days you have to take a number. Go ahead. Nothing will happen. No reprisals. No veiled comments about "Nice family you got there. Shame if anything should happen to them." Certainly no deportations.

Wonder why that is?

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