Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Of course, of course

What I want to know is, why did Wilbur spend so much time in the barn with Ed when he had a wife (with the patience of a saint, it must be noted) like Carol?

I suppose if anyone were to remake "Mister Ed", this issue would have to be addressed. It might even become a running joke on the show, with a scantily-clad Carol growing ever more impatient while an increasingly-desperate Wilbur struggles to contain the hilarity emanating from the barn. It'd be more like "Married With Livestock."

I guess some things shouldn't be remade.

(If any proof be needed that TV Land's webmaster has a sense of humor, check the show description and episode guide for Bars and Tones.)

Boston.com | 'Mister Ed' star is still riding show's popularity
"You know, I once asked our director, Arthur Lubin, why they chose me to play Wilbur. He said, `Well, Alan, you look like the kind of a guy a horse would talk to.' "

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