Thursday, November 14, 2002

Health Update
(If you care.) My weight has stabilized at 43 pounds down from July 8 (the date of my first heart attack). I say this because it has not varied more than one pound one way or the other in the past month. Doubtless it is time for me to increase my exercise regimen to better tone the weight that remains.

Am I sensitive about my weight? I must be, I haven't told you what it was or is. *Grits teeth and braces himself.* It was 265. It is now 222. As I've said, not exactly svelte, but worlds improved from what it was.

I am feeling stronger and very much like myself, only better.

Residual vision impairmenet remains of undetermined extent. I can read most things well enough, but not for indefinite periods: Sometimes I simply must rest my eyes. I often blow cold reads during radio theater rehearsals: I usually have to use my finger to follow along in my script to keep my place, something I never used to have to do.

My quick-and-easy vision test is to extend my arms at approximately 45 degrees to either side of my head, focus squarely between them, and see how well my peripheral vision can see my hands. I can count the fingers on my left hand. I cannot see the fingers on my right. This is about as cheering as you might expect.

There remains the possibility that this is as good as it's going to get.

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