Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Stuff I wish I'd written
I would say that I want to be James Lileks when I grow up, except that I�m probably as up as I�m going to grow already � and I think I�m older than Lileks is, besides.

Yesterday he explained why CompUSA is doomed, and (almost as an afterthought) made the best case for the Macintosh platform I�ve ever seen. (I�m so tired of religious arguments. I�ve used Mac and Windows: Heck, I�ve even taught both. C�mon, people, they�re just tools, not divine gifts.)

And today he explained why a lot of people still don�t admire Clinton. Pure Democrats remain clueless.

Just curious: let�s say you�re the parent of a soldier going to fight in Bosnia. Do you prefer the Commander in Chief to:
A) Be the passive recipient of oral sex from an employee while your son or daughter�s fate is discussed by your local representative
B) Be sitting in a chair with his pants on, taking notes

I had no idea this could be a difficult question.

LATER: Sorry about the link problem to "yesterday's" Lileks screed. It should work now.

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