Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Well, it DOES say "Advertisement"

L.A. Times Replaces Front Page With Fake 'Law & Order' News; L.A. Times Readers Really Pissed - The Consumerist

An advertisement that appeared to be the front page of The Times took readers by surprise Wednesday morning. Many of them called or sent e-mails to protest the fake news reports of vandalism and murder at NBC in Burbank. As of noon, The Times had received 61 e-mails, all but one of them critical, and 51 phone calls.
Well, that adds up to a significant percentage of their readership these days, doesn't it?
The ad, which readers discovered after unfolding the page, was for the TV show “Law & Order Los Angeles.” The actual front page, with a lead story about the debate between gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown, was just behind the ad.
Our top story tonight: Another TV show is set in Los Angeles. Film at 10:00 pm on NBC.


Wompa said...

Wow sounds like a bunch of dumb people read The Times.

RSA Online said...

Well it is the LA times so ... yes probably a lot of dumb people :P