Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Atlanta says "we don't accept this report"; Georgia says "That's OK, we do"

State reviewing CRCT cheating report |

The state began its review Tuesday of a long-awaited investigative report into alleged cheating in Atlanta Public Schools, even as top education officials wondered how far they can go with what remains an unofficial document.

A day after the Atlanta school board declined to approve the document...
Very clever, these red-handed Atlanta educationists. They can't possibly have had time to actually read it, how can any reasonable person expect them to approve a document they haven't read?

Say, why does the Atlanta school board have approval power over the results of an investigation of themselves ordered by the State of Georgia?
Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall posted a statement on the system’s website saying she accepts the report and pledging support for children affected by the scandal as “job one.”
Weeelll, what did we expect her to say?
It was unclear whether the report, transmitted to the state without the city board’s stamp of approval, met that deadline. Dissenting Atlanta board members said they need more time to study the report, leaving open the possibility that it will be approved at a future meeting.
Unless the APS board is made up of utter dunces, they knew that Monday was a state-set deadline for this report. They also knew that they wouldn't have the report themselves until Monday. (The investigative panel doubtless worked toward the State's Aug 2 deadline, not having been specifically instructed by "it'll be ready when it's ready" APS to build any reading and evaluation time into the schedule.)
“We have already begun to review the report. We will work as expeditiously as we can,” said Kathleen Mathers, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement. “But we are doing so with the understanding that this may not be the final report.”
These people really know how to bury a document. Keep after them, reporter Kristina Torres, this fiasco isn't over by a long shot.

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