Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Running out the clock

CRCT scores analyzed after new cheating tips |
Investigators reviewing 58 Atlanta schools for possible cheating on state tests said Tuesday they continue to pursue tips and information that are important to their inquiry. That work, coupled with ongoing analysis of students’ most recent test scores, is the reason a special investigative panel delayed completion of its probe.
Am I wrong to suggest, as I did last week, that now that they've had an opportunity to see how much graft there is in APS, they are waiting to see how large their check will be?
...That lack of specifics angered John Sherman, president of the Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation, who said he has collected more than 1,200 signatures on a petition seeking Hall’s resignation if the investigation confirms teachers cheated.
As someone opined a day or so ago, these "investigators" are trained in statistical analysis, not chain of evidence. There will be no such unambiguous conclusion--even though "everyone" knows what happened.


Anonymous said...

Once you establish that cheating has occurred, I don't think there will be much trouble figuring out who did it. It's not even as complicated as 'Col. Mustard in the Kitchen with a Knife.'

Daniel said...

That, I think, is why all the action is happening NOW, before the report has officially concluded that cheating HAS occurred. I have a sinking feeling that the report will OFFICIALLY conclude that "it can't be proven".

That is what often happens when crimes are investigated by statisticians who don't care about chain-of-evidence.