Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mo'Nique is 5th black woman to win acting Oscar - AP

Congratulations 'n' all, but when do we stop counting?

(I'm guessing sometime after the 2nd black woman to win the non-supporting category.)

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Ulrika O'Brien said...

Let's see, five Oscars in 82 years, with a total of 4 acting awards going out each year, that would be a total of 5 awards out of 248. Nope, nothing rare or noteworthy about something that only happens 2% of the time. We don't pay attention to anything that common, which is why child kidnappings and plane crashes get no news coverage either.

Daniel said...

Your math is a little off, if you're going to count ALL acting awards but only black WOMEN, who are by definition not eligible for half of them.

Also from the first awards in 1927 through 1935, no Supporting Actor awards were given.

But the question really is, what has to happen before questionable actions of a bygone culture can be, if not forgiven, at least moved beyond? If that can never come to pass, well, the conversation ends there.

Did you know that the percentage of Academy Awards presented to black actors IN THIS CENTURY actually surpasses the percentage of the general population comprised by black Americans? (22% vs 13%.)

Does that matter?