Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The challenge is gonna be convincing Kari to wear 'em

Theme week, day 3: Do girls fart?


Anonymous said...

Check out this video I just found called "Fun With War Crimes" ...Just a trailer, but I think the real show comes out May 1st. Wow...scary! Are they kidding me?! WTF?!
Mission Accomplished

Daniel said...

You must be pretty desperate for eyeballs. I mean, to put a promotion for your pet project in my comments section AT FOUR IN THE MORNING. I cannot imagine what led you to think that I have enough visitors to make it worth your while.

But this seems to be the best the Left can do in the way of reasoned political discourse. So even though the comment has NOTHING to do with the post it's attached to, I think I'll leave it in.