Monday, February 11, 2008

Triple Threat Traffic

Stempunk Atlanta
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It normally only takes one road disruption to completely immobilize Atlanta traffic. Today we had two and a half, I guess.

The half is pictured, although the photographer made it look much worse than it was by adding sepiatone. Looking at that you'd think Sherman was back.

But it's a beautiful picture, ain't it?

It's a fire in an abandoned carpet warehouse in outer Fulton county, just a hop and a skip from Six Flags Over Georgia. The smoke plume wasn't quite that dark, but certainly was that big, and enveloped most of intown Atlanta because, well, that's just the way the wind blows, which sounds like some kind of homily but is literally true in this case.

Today was also the day that work officially begins on the 14th Street bridge project. Here, we see the view looking south towards downtown Atlanta from the bridge... What? Wait a minute. What the hell is that?

I'm only joshing. I thought it looked wrong. That's not rush hour.

No, seriously, that is the view from the 14th Street bridge -- in 1953. If I recall correctly (which is a pretty good trick, considering I wasn't born yet), that highway isn't I-75 yet: It's still just US 19. The link will take you to a slightly more current image.

The third incident in today's traffic trifecta was a collision on I-20 Eastbound between Boulevard and Moreland Avenue, involving two dump trucks and a MARTA bus. This accident blocked all eastbound lanes, and traffic poured -- well, oozed -- off every available exit ramp onto my front porch.

Well, okay, not literally.

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