Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Monitor

purple skies.
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Yike! My defibrillator is being recalled!

Don't jog during thunderstorms!

Hypothesis: The little picture of a gas pump next to your car's fuel indicator tells you which side of your car the gas tank is on. Can this possibly be true?

CNN Money: Over half of the $8 billion the IRS expected to pay out in phone tax refunds remains unclaimed.

Freakonomics: If the personal computer were being put on the market for the first time now, what would they call it?

Argh Ink: The secret to writing romance is understanding the Glittery HooHa.

CNN: Bonnie Raitt answers your questions about nuclear power.

Wise Bread: Cracking the infamous McDonald's Monopoly Game.

Baltimore Sun: Believe your noodly master, Hon.

Special section: Education

For class of S.F. high school juniors, WWII details are elusive

School District Halts Shakespeare Production: Official Cites 'Inappropriate' Content

A crossword puzzle assigned as a homework lesson for fifth-graders studying a book about the 19th-century South asked them to use a racial slur _ the N-word _ as an answer.

College students having sex -- well, a little

Orestad Gymnasium, Denmark

What would you do if you found your child's elementary school teacher topless on MySpace? Knoxville News Sentinel; WATE; TransWorldNews; Web Site Traffic Marketing (if you want to see the pictures in question; they're much more modest than you might imagine). As of Monday, she's been cleared to return to class, since an investigation has so far been unable to show she did anything wrong. (She may not have posted the photos herself.)


Anonymous said...

"Bartz said he had been racking his brain trying to figure out what Kissane could have found objectionable in the first 40 minutes of the play. / 'The only thing I can think of that she might have found objectionable is that there is the use of the word penis, twice,' Bartz said."

(Racking my brain trying to recall where the word 'penis' appears in the works of Wm. Shakespeare even _once_.)


Anonymous said...

Sitting in the dermatologist’s office Tuesday, I had time to note that the editors of ‘Consumer Reports’ have determined that ‘ of implanted defibrillators are unnecessary.’

Yeah, smart guys? Question is, _which_ third?


Daniel said...

Which defibrillators are unnecessary? Well, obviously, the ones that fail.

Anonymous said...

Re: the gas thingy hypothesis.

2005 Honda Civic: Nope

1992 Honda Accord: Nope

I'll check the Odyssey later.


Daniel said...

1995 Dodge Caravan: nope. (It does have an indicator arrow, but the gas pump graphic is wrong.)

1996 Nissan Pathfinder: Yes.