Sunday, August 05, 2007

News, Weak

Apple iPhone 23
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Phone scalpers? A half-million iPhones sold in the first two days, but only 146,000 activations? Awfully pricey for a paperweight. "The difference is going to be what was sold on eBay or activations that didn't happen immediately." What a nice way of saying they were bought by speculators who intended to resell them at a profit, rather than activate them.

14 Numbers Your Cell Phone Can’t Live Without.

Full circle: New cans of Coca-Cola look a lot like old cans of Coca-Cola. No fake condensation droplets; no yellow and green accents; no drop shadows. What a wild, new, innovative idea.

Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.

Attention Red Shirts: Don't beam down with the Captain. But if you can get him laid, your odds of survival improve.

And while I'm at Wikipedia, here are Wikipedia's Lamest Edit Wars.

How much trouble can you get into for goofing up a class picture?

Cheap kids' diversions: Recipes for flubber, goop, oobleck, play-doh and silly putty. Directions for folding paper airplanes. Free children's books to download.


Anonymous said...

New Coca-Cola cans are simpler! Also cheaper to print. (Wonder why none of the giant brains down at the AJC noticed that...)

On a shelf at work, I have an empty Coca-Cola can that is molded somewhat in the shape of the famous ‘wasp-waist’ Coca-Cola bottle. That was an experiment that was produced in small numbers, then dropped as ‘cute but not worth it.’


Anonymous said...

OK, for some bizarre reason, that link takes you to a graphic of 'Dark Dan' sitting on -- well, the can, not to a picture of a contoured Coke -- uh, can.

Sorry about that. DO NOT CLICK!

Daniel said...

About Dark Dan's, uh, can: Some people feel so strongly about not having their images "hot-linked" by other websites that they configure their servers to deliver a different image if it's not being "called" from within their own site.

Anyway, here's an article from Beverage Digest with a picture of the contour can. And, here, for equal time, is a response from the Container Recycling Institute.