Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Follies

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China shows its immense respect for Western intellectual property by ripping off Disneyland.

"A Superior Court jury convicted a vegan couple of murder and cruelty to children Wednesday in the death of their 6-week-old, who was fed a diet largely consisting of soy milk and apple juice."

7 World Trade Center in New York has those elevators I mentioned a few weeks ago.

"Unisex lavatories - with blurred glass walls - could help in the battle against school bullies, government guidelines for England suggest."

Wouldn't you like to be a hooper too?

"All the time I spent in that hellhole [mental institution], people were constantly trying to convince me that I felt sad because there was something wrong with my brain. But do you want to know what I really learned? ...I learned that I wasn’t sad because there was something wrong with my brain. I learned that I was sad because my life sucked."

When one of the world's foremost violinists takes his Stradivarius to the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station in downtown Washington, D.C., and plays his heart out for forty-five minutes, with his violin case open before him with a fistful of change in it... will you stop to listen? (Caution: This story may make you cry.) (I'm thinking the results might have been different if they'd tried it in the afternoon rush instead of the morning rush.)

"In a case that could set a global legal precedent for granting basic rights to apes, animal rights advocates are seeking to get the 26-year-old male chimpanzee legally declared a "person." "

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... 'Jerry Was a Man.' (Which I believe the Company has the rights to adapt -- if we dare.)