Friday, November 05, 2004

At least they're not being subtle

Michael J. Totten has an enlightening roundup of liberal blog commentary. For every Andrew Sullivan...
George W. Bush is our president. He deserves a fresh start, a chance to prove himself again, and the constructive criticism of those of us who decided to back his opponent.
...there are several Tboggs:
I look at the big map and all of the red in flyover country and I feel like I've been locked in a room with the slow learners.
Fortunately, they're dealing with people who know how to be gracious in victory, and who don't threaten riots if they lose.

No, that was unworthy. Goodness knows there are plenty of people on both sides who aren't too tightly wrapped. Or who are too tightly wrapped. Choose whatever metaphor you like.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usYou know, I hate this. I promised myself I wasn't going to gloat, I wasn't going to snipe. And it's an easy promise to keep. I'm really not interested in stoking the furnace. It's not productive. I would have thought that would be obvious to everyone by now.

I don't have the heart to, not after hearing the heartbreak of Rep. Nancy Pilosi (D-San Francisco). "We have lost just about everything that we can lose," she said.

Everything? That seems a bit extreme. After all, Madam Congressperson, you haven't lost your job. If anything, you've gained a little influence. AFP describes you as "the top Democrat" in Congress now.

Even Senator Kerry hasn't lost his job: He, and Senator Edwards, get to go back to work with the new Congress as if nothing happened. (Here in Georgia, we have a pesky law that requires candidates for elective office to resign any office they may currently hold in order to run for another.)

(Speaking of which, although it isn't quite the same situation, I wonder who told Denise Majette that Johnny Isakson would be easier to beat than Cynthia McKinney?)

You haven't lost your party, although you're in the process of throwing it away. Some of your colleagues seem to have it in mind that there might be something you can do to better connect with all those red-state people. Usually, when they go "soul-searching", they reach the conclusion (or so I must assume from their subsequent actions) that where they erred was that they weren't strident enough, weren't forceful enough, weren't shrill enough in their insistence that Republicans Are Just Plain Evil. The self-proclaimed party of inclusion and tolerance is conspicuously intolerant of points of view to the right of itself.

Although this time may be different. They seem to be twigging to the fact that Michael Moore really doesn't play well in flyover country.

It might also be instructive to look at USA Today's county-by-county map of California. That "solidly blue" state is awfully red when you get away from the coastline. And even states as red as Georgia have some patches of blue. (Believe me, I know. I live in one.)

You haven't lost your voice. Campaign rhetoric to the contrary, John Ashcroft has yet to drag anybody into the Republican Gulags for the crime of being liberal. Even Michael Moore, a prime candidate for political silencing if ever there was one, is free to roam the streets, speak, and make films as he will--as he should be. (Perhaps he should make a movie about Salman Rushdie.)

Your life, your fortune, your sacred honor? All seem to be intact. (Cf. Theo van Gogh.)

If the Democratic Party needs a ray of hope, look at San Diego. Three weeks ago, Donna Frye (who currently sits on the city council) said "what the hell" and started campaigning as a write-in candidate for Mayor against two Republicans, one the incumbent. The counting isn't over yet, but if most of the write-in ballots are in fact for her (as they appear to be), she's actually going to win. (UPDATE: Still too close to call.)

Ms Pelosi, what does she know that you don't?

When I hear either party spoken of as "the enemy", and the suggestion publicly voiced (with apparent sincerity) that people should be rounded up and shot just for the way they voted, I know somebody has lost all perspective. I'm reasonably sure it isn't me.

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