Saturday, October 26, 2002

Playing catchup
It's proving to be more difficult than I anticipated, hence the gap between my last comment and this. A big reason for this is (I shouldn't admit this) I used to gather a lot of source material at work (between 24 hour cable news and a T-1 connection), and I haven't been to work since July. From home, with my measly rabbit-ears antenna and dial-up, a blogger has to be intensely motivated to maintain a regular flow of, well, whatever this is.

So many of the things I'm interested in, other people are monitoring and saying the things I would like to have said. McKinney? Photodude. Congress? WSJ Best of the Web. Bellesiles? Instapundit. The beltway sniper? Everybody.

I even missed my own birthday (Oct. 13, if you must know), and not because I was particularly busy either.

I'm not giving up, though.

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